The beaches of Mauritius are dazzling with pristine crystal clear blue waters and white sandy shores, which is the perfect spot to unwind and relax or to perk up the adrenaline junkie in you and indulge in some amazing water sports and activities that this touristy island has to offer other than sun bathing.

Check out our Mauritius travel guide to discover the best places to see in Mauritius.

This island is made of serene mountains, lush green forests and pristine beaches which is a diverse topography that tourist rarely get to enjoy in other countries. It is populated by a mixed ethnic group because of the French, Dutch and British colonialism and its close proximity to India and Africa and the decedents from China and Europe.

Hence, tourists travelling on Mauritius tour packages from India can find a pot-pourri of culture and tradition in this small island where they can also feel at home owing to similarities to their own culture and way of living! Because of this distinct population, Mauritius enjoys a rich history with abundant of historical and cultural sites to see.Almost all Mauritius tour packages will cover the length and breadth of the island to visit these sites.

Mauritius is blessed with warm tropical weather year around.The best time to visit in Mauritius are between May and early December.January to March is the peak cyclone period and best avoided at this time of year.

Here are some places which are a must visit on Mauritius tour packages.

Port Louis

The capital city of Port Louis, is a bustling city with the colonial buildings, the prominent central market and China town gives a very warm welcome to tourists landing in this city for their vacation.It is the island’s cultural, political and economic centre and was used as aa harbour before the French invaders took over.

The markets in this city are always bustling with activity and you can shop for some exotic fruits and vegetables, spices, local handicrafts and souvenirs from here.

Pristine Beaches

Of course, pristine beaches are synonymous with Mauritius! Some of the best and most famous beaches on this island are Trou aux Biches, Belle Mare and Flic en Flac in the northern region of the island.These beaches are lined with casuarina trees providing ample shade for those who do not want a sun tan.And of course, we wouldn’t be exaggerating if we say, Mauritius is filled with such lovely beaches.All the Mauritius holiday packages available are filled with beach activities only as this island is known for it

Island of Rodrigues

The island of Rodrigues is located in the eastern region of Mauritius and is also known as the anti-stress with the amount of activities that it offers to the visitors such as diving, deep sea fishing, kite-surfing, and walking on its untouched white sand beaches.This island is considered to have one best diving activities in the whole of Mauritius.The capital of this island in Port Mathurin which has only seven streets in total with quite friendly inhabitants


Grand-Baie, also known as Grand Bay is located in the western region of Mauritius.It is a small coastal village but no less fun than the other areas. This small village has some of the most happening restaurants and shops and also has a vibrant nightlife where you can have a fun night out with friends.If you are on a holiday with your loved one (minus children) or your friends, then ensure this place is on your Mauritius vacation packages.

Grand Bassin

Grand Bassin, unlike Grand Bay is a spiritual region in Mauritius where you will find lots of rich Hindu temples.There is also a natural lake here which is called Ganga Talao and is a representation of the sacred river Ganges of India.At present, it is one of the most sacred and important pilgrimage spot outside India.If you visit this place during Maha Shivarathri, you can catch a glimpse of the devotees walking on fire as a part of the rituals.

Visit the town of Mahebourg

The town of Mahebourg in Mauritius is a very interesting little town which is full of character of its colonial past.It has a bustling market and colonials style buildings everywhere which adds to the character.On one side the bay and on the other side you can find street vendors serving up delicious snacks which is a great combination to spend quality time.

Segway your way into the Safari Park

Segways are the most trending modes of sightseeing on a tour.Mauritius being a tourist destination is definitely not lagging behind in this trend.Check out any Mauritius tour guide and you will find a Segway trip in the Yemen nature reserve which gives you an experience of a real safari because this reserve is home to exotic fauna such as wild boars, java Deers, mongoose, Macaque monkeys, ostriches, zebras, fruit bats and African antelopes and exotic flora such as cassias, ebony, pink pepper, tamarind and may others.It is almost like visiting the African Savannah safari.You can ride around the reserve on the Segway with a trained guide giving you an interesting safari experience.Some of activities that are available at the park are Walking with the lions, Quad biking, Interaction with the big cats and Rhinos and Canoeing on the Papayes river and zip-lining.

Chamarel Coloured Earth

It is one of the most magnificent natural phenomena in the world where the earth is of various colours which were formed by the cooling of rock strata after volcanic eruption millions of years ago.It is a stunning sight to see and be photographed in and also the waterfall close to this sight adds to the beauty of the coloured earth.

There are various Mauritius tour packages that travel agents offer as per the age group of people travelling and their budget.Choose one that best suits your needs because this small island is surely a treat with something for everyone!


Best Time to visit

May - Dec

Major Attractions

  • Mauritius Botanical Garden

  • Black River Gorges National Park

  • Île aux Cerfs Island

  • Port Louis

  • Grand Bassin

  • Chamarel park - 7 colored earth & Chamarel falls

  • Trou aux Cerfs

  • Ile aux Aigrettes

  • Gabriel Island

  • Eureka Creole House

  Most famous Waterfalls in Mauritius

  • Chamarel waterfalls
  • Alexandra waterfalls
  • Tamarind waterfalls
  • Rochester waterfalls
  • Exil waterfalls

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